Friday, August 19, 2011

Non Extreme Coupon Shopping

About 6 months ago, I became addicted to shopping with coupons. It all started while watching that TLC show. Now this post is not about stock piling a garage full of 1000 deodorants, or diving in dumpsters for millions of unused coupons. I thought it would be fun to share my other hobby, other than soap making, and how you too might want to consider the world of couponing, in a less extreme, practical way.

I save a minimum of 50% weekly at the grocery store, with my best trip ever being 90% and spend just a few hours a week.

Whether your looking to free up your budget and just reduce your food costs or have hit hard times and need to out of necessity, I will guarantee you it's quite a thrill and very much worth your efforts.

1. Get a coupon binder and get organized. This is crucial to your success. You can find baseball card clear holders at Target. Arrange by tabs and sections. There are plenty of how to videos on coupon blogs to help. This system allows you to see what you have when your planning your trip and quickly trash expired coupons. And be sure to take it with you shopping as you will always find an advertised sale.

2. I buy 4 Sunday newspapers. $6 is well worth the savings you will have that week. Also ask neighbors to pass theirs along to you if they don't use them. My sweet neighbor puts hers in my mail box every Sunday.

3. Sunday night I cut and organize. Normally in front of the TV. Take your 4 flyer's and divide them into 4 stacks of each page. That way when you clip- you cut once. Then load your binder. It's got to be done Sunday or come shopping time, you will be overwhelmed and quit.

4. When you get your stores weekly fl yer, sit down with some coffee, your binder and begin matching up sales items with items you have coupons for. Grocery stores normally will double coupons. Drug stores take face value. Get to know your store's coupon policy. This may take a few trips but once you get the hang of it, it will keep saving you more each month.

5. Follow coupon blogs. They will post up to the minute all the great deals to be printed online- Facebook coupons are the best. You can print two from each computer you have.

Here are some of my favorites I check daily.

6. As you begin to save, you will learn there are many items that you will never again pay money for. To name a few- Toothpaste, Mustard, Fabric Softener, Shampoo, and I rarely will spend more than a buck on a box of cereal. I have set a personal limit of 10 items of each in my stockpile. That way I do not spend money or my efforts on having more than I need for a year.

7. Share you good fortune. There are plenty of people across our country who are hungry. Donate extras to your church or food banks.

Hope these tips might point you in the direction of couponing. With the holidays approaching, its a great way to decrease the food budget too. And a shameless plug, stop by Sunbasilgarden for the latest new Fall and Holidays creations too. I'm getting ready! Visit my Facebook page for coupon codes as well that you can use on soap.


Alexis said...

Great Tips! I was so proud of myself yesterday with my stack of 10 coupons at the store. I am raiding my son's closet now for some baseball card holders, you have inspired me.

Sunbasilgarden said...

Oh yeah Alexis!! I'm so glad. Thanks so much for reading my little tips. These days it's not the old world of coupons. You can save serious cash without driving yourself crazy. Have fun!

All That Glitters said...

I'm so proud of you!!!

Sunbasilgarden said...

Thanks so much All That Glitters!!

Ewenique said...

I'm a couponer, too. My grocery store doesn't double, but I still save time and money on every shopping trip.


Kelsey said...

I admit that I am addicted too! It all started right before the show when my sister-in-law and her friend were posting their great deals on FB with a pic of everything they bought and how much they paid/saved. I use

For the few hours I spend each week it is really worth it. I've saved $600+ since the start of May.

I am going to check out the links you suggested now.

Sunbasilgarden said...

Ewenique: Every little bit helps. I get some of my best deals- freebies at Walgreens. Happy couponing!

Sunbasilgarden said...

Kelsey: That is some awesome savings!!! Way to go. It's not the coupon world our grandmother age. It's down right free sometimes. Thanks for the visit.

Danette said...

It is so hard for me to get organized...great tips!

AllisontheImp said...

Thanks for putting the list of coupon sites. I've heard of the coupon lady but not the others. I love using coupons and have wanted to do better with my savings.