Monday, September 1, 2008

Why do you make soap?

I have been lucky to spend the last 6 years home with our little boys, Jack and Luke. After our first was born I left my 10 year banking job to venture into the world of being a Stay at Home Mom. Now speaking on this subject is really a totally different show. It has been the best and most challenging job I have every held. But back to the subject at hand. DIRT! And how I came to make soap?

If you are lucky to have any involvement with little boys you know how dirt and boys go together. In the early years I stood there in shock and horror. Unsure why they moved so much, why would they do that? I remember telling my husband of their daily tales and often he smiled as he got it. But as the adventure has unfolded , the have taught me it's ok to get dirty, I learned that dirt, action and energy are just part of little boys. And these days the ring in the bathtub at the end of a long day clearly lets me know I have done a good job.

So as we enter a new chapter in our families life with kindergarten and leaving the nest I finally have some more time. And with that making eye popping, delicious soap just seems to match my family needs and my need to make things with my hands.

To end, I want to take you on a visual tour of a recent vacation our boys took to my parents cabin. I hope you will let your little ones be little and get dirty! And if you need a fun way to get them into the tub come on in to

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