Friday, August 28, 2009

Dave's Homemade Candles

I stumbled upon this shop on twitter. And was thrilled to find out it's an Etsy friend of mine. Well her hubbie's shop. You might all know DorsetHillBeads.

Eileen's husband is just getting started with his own Etsy shop and I was there first customer. I got my Gingerbread candle today and it's already a glow. Triple poured and wonderful quality. I'm going back for more. My house smells so cozy. And I love the simplicity of the tin.

And to top it all off, Dorset sent me the cutest sample candle and one of her amazing original glassbeads. Now where can one get that much fabulous in a mall??? Only on Etsy!

So pop on over and give them a try!

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Eileen said...

lauren...i'm so glad you like the candles...i knew you would...i wasn't kidding when i said they are great...the suggestion about the minis is something dave has been thinking about...

thanks so much for the blog post...
eileen :)