Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I'm completely CRAZY FOR CANDY CORN!

Moose a Moose might not like candy corn but around here- we love candy corn!

4 NEW Halloween soaps featuring the delicious scent. My soap kitchen smells so good!
Two are in the works but here's a sneak peek.

Coming soon to my wholesale shop too!

Delighted to be featured in Creepy Queen Magazine. Check them out for some amazingly unique finds.
And I'm not done yet- stop in my Etsy shop for more Halloween treats for you.


Anonymous said...

How wonderful to find your blog which I found through Artangel's! I adore your soaps and yours was the first bar I ever purchased on Etsy.
Will definitely be back again!
All the best ~ Sharon

Sunbasilgarden said...

Ah thanks so much Sharon! It means alot to hear such feedback. And I was delighted to find a post on my little blog floating in cyberspace. I'm in full Halloween swing and have some awesome Christmas soaps to see your blog now. take care-