Saturday, September 5, 2009

Never underestimate the Black Bean!

My hubbie and I are a few months into a new discovery of healthy eating. See previous post- Calorie
So in the midst of the recession and waistline blues- I have discovered the black bean!
A great vegetarian meal, high in protein and filling. Not to mention- way cheap.

Whalla----> The Black Bean Veggie Burger.

And what I like is most of the ingredients you always have in stock.

1 Can Black Beans-
6 -10 Jalapeno Slices- diced-
1 T Cumin
3/4 Cup Cooked Brown Rice
1/4 cup diced red onion
S and P

That's it!

Drain black beans and put in mixing bowl. Take a fork or potato masher and give them a little mash. Add rice,- make sure its already cooked, cumin, onions and jalapenos. Salt and Pepper to taste. Form burgers just like you would make hamburgers. Then pan fry in EVO on a rather high heat. Because there is so little fat, you won't be able to flip them too many times without them falling apart. But no worries.

Serve on whole wheat tortilla, add low fat Sour Cream, fresh tomato and onion. And enjoy!


Malicious Intent said...

Those look super yummy. Maybe a soap in it's future? No? lol! Kidding....
Still trying to figure out my banking mess. Infuriating! Like talking to a wall!!! Just keep my shelf dusted, maybe some flowers or a plant on it, ya know, keep it lively looking. :) hehehe. Good thing I was stocked piled or I would have been in big trouble with my little one.

This weeks selection is the baseball with grass. He loves it. We have a basket under the bathroom sink were we store all of our soaps and he loves to go pick one out when it is "time." he is forbidden now until one is gone. I had three open at one time!

Hope your holiday weekend is going well.

Julie said...

These look yummy! When we moved into our new place Ryan's parents bought us a grill but since neither one of us are really meat eaters we're always looking for veggie burgers to try out! We'll give these a try :-) Thanks for sharing!

CreativeFlutter said...

OMG that sounds sooooooo yummy!

Daisy Soap Girl said...

OMG! This looks good. I just love black beans. Thanks for the recipe.