Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What does a ghost do during the day? Part Two

What does a ghost do during the day? Part Two
More soapy adventures from that fun loving bar- Mr. Boo!

He took a trip to drop off the kids at school.
Safety first!

Got a morning bick ride in. Boy that Mongoose can fly!

Steamed up a lovely veggie mix, all the while being so careful not to melt himself to death!

Sat back and relaxed the afternoon away!
Check out Mr. Boo's Part One series if you missed it.


Pili said...

He's such a cutiepie!

Anonymous said...

I'm now a proud owner of this lil' guy! LOVE all your soaps I ordered. They smell soooo good!!!!I got the Halloween collection, plus the candied apples(so cute). I also appreciate the samples you sent. Will have to get that yummy pomegranate. Yum!!


Sunbasilgarden said...

Thanks so much JennyKy! I'm always tickled to know folks check out my little blog. Mr. Boo is one of my favorite soaps to make so he needed to have a little fun. I'm busy making all kinds of new holidays soaps so stop by anytime- Lauren