Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Begin the Cozy Soaps

I officially made my last summer soap design today. And it's a yummy, Strawberry Float. It's time to begin the coziest time of year. Fall and Halloween and then Christmas. Some of my absolute favorite times to create soaps. My brain has been working overtime and I wake up to write these ideas in my journal.

I've got a long list of soap ideas and hoping an early start with allow me to make them into reality.

Here's a start with Spooky Soap Sticks! Scented in Black Licorice. Boo!

Are you feeling the same way?


Kim @ Everything Etsy said...

Cool! :)


morethanthestarsinthesky said...

I am a sucker for soaps! I'll have to check you out on Etsy. Yours are so cute and unique. I'm glad I found your blog. :)


Sunbasilgarden said...

I'm so glad you found me too Amanda..I do facebook and twitter but trying to pay a little more attention to my little blog :)

Stop by anytime!