Sunday, August 8, 2010

Time for Soap Apple Picking

It's that time of year. Well almost!

Fall is just waiting in the wings and its full production of Soap Caramel Apples at Sunbasilgarden Soaps! Added so far to the new Fall Line up.

  • The original Soap Caramel Candy Apple- a classic!
  • Soap Caramel Apple with Peanuts
  • Soap Caramel Apple Halloween
  • Soap Caramel Apple Autumn
Available now in my Etsy shop. Contact me for multiple orders and a great low prices on flat rate boxed shipping. Makes the perfect treat for anyone on your list!


Betty said...

oooohhh, these look delicious! So realistic! And I LOVE the model, too! :))

Soné said...

oh gosh my mouth is watering alteady! did you make those? they are fab! good job

R. M. Jackson said...

I'm going to need to buy a couple of these for my aunt and cousins - they'll love them! They look great. Good enough to eat.

Sunbasilgarden said...

Thanks so much! I love making my soap apples. My youngest model :) He gets paid in real caramel apple treats.