Saturday, March 26, 2011

Bigger than Life Cupcake Soap Favor

Well what can I say, I love soap! So after resisting this silicone cake mold long enough, I just had to make a larger than life soap cupcake. I got some great feedback from my facebook fans. What started out as a 5.5 lb joke, actually turned into a pretty cool idea. This gigantic cupcake is available now as a custom order for your next special party. Each guest can cut their own soap slice favor. Comes complete with gift bags, ribbon and custom labels to match your event.

You choose the color, toppings, scent- What a fun way to celebrate a special shower, party or anniversary. They will be talking about this baby! 5.5 lbs of soap!


Anonymous said...

You come up with the neatest ideas! That is one whopper of a cupcake LOL!

Sugar Dimples said...

Oh my GOSH! That is the most adorable and genius idea!!!! You never cease to amaze me :D

Anne-Marie said...

LOL! That is too funny! I love that you photographed it next to it's 'mini' counterpart =)