Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Timeless Joy of Legos

Legos are timeless. I still have a box of my original ones from when I was a kid. Dare I call them vintage :) My bro and I used to build stuff for hours. As a mommy to two little boys, Legos have been high on the birthday and Christmas list now for years. It's almost gotten out of control.

So of course, I had to add some Lego inspired soaps to Sunbasilgarden line up. And they have been a bit hit for sure. Scented in a Mountain Dewy scent sure to please. And check out the cool things pictures some of my customers have sent me with their purchases. Birthday favors and general good soaping time.

Available now and idea for stuffing those Easter baskets too!

Also if you looking for the best handmade lip balm out there, look no further- check out Hearts and Bows. She is the proud Mommy of the the cutie in the picture above.


Tammy said...

This is the perfect mold for little boys. I actually happened upon one in the Lego store in Chicago. Obviously I picked it up :) I haven't used it yet, but my son wants a Lego Birthday Party, so Ill be making lego men soaps and Im going to get one of those lego block molds, such cute favors. Love your colors! The fragrance sounds great.

Anonymous said...

So cute...when g'son William is older I'll get him some.

Sunbasilgarden said...

Thanks Tammy- how can a soaping Momma pass by that mold? It's just got to be done :)

Theanne: Yeah we want to make sure he is older so no eating the guys ::)