Thursday, January 26, 2012

Shop Etsy for Handmade Valentine's Day Finds

Some of my favorite Valentine Etsy finds.

1. Red Heart Candle by MoniCandles
2. Bling Soaps by Sunbasilgardensoap
3. Valentine Felted Ornaments by RedMarionette
4. Fake Cupcake by 12LegsCuriosites
5. Felted Penguins by MiloandBen
6. Baby Rose Soap by ABreathOfFrenchAir
7. Mustache and Kiss Mug Set by ModernMadness
8. White Dahlia Print by ModernArtEveryday
9. Soap Pretzels by Sunbasilgardensoap

It's a great time to shop handmade on Etsy for the sweethearts on your list! Take a visit today.


Pili said...

Those are some really cute finds! I love the penguins and the fake cupcake!

Anonymous said...

just ordered a little bit of your beautiful soap...a valentine one and the mini cars!

Sunbasilgarden said...

Thanks Theanne!! Always great to see you stop in :) I will get them out to you tomorrow.