Saturday, February 11, 2012

Free dinner for the life of a Coupon Mom

I became a coupon mom about a year ago and I have found so much joy from my new hobby I can barely stand it sometimes. Not to mention, my checking account and hubbie are both very happy about it too.

There are so many amazing blogsites out there I'm always raving about. And once you get going, you develop your own little system. Yes, it takes a little time but hello - so worth it.

Anyways, just had to share this fun Friday night dinner example.

I literally got everything here for FREE AND MADE $1.00. This is Friday night dinner so ignore the fact there are no whole grains, proteins or veggies. Retail value about $27 bucks.

  • Papa Johns Large Pizza and Free Diet Pepsi - Free from being a registered Papa Johns customer and coupon code. Something from the Super Bowl...I don't know the details..just it was free and I cashed that code asap.
  • M&M'S -  .25 each with two online printable coupons, purchased at Walgreens
  • Free popcorn from the bank. I had a stop to cash a check so why not.
  • 2 Free 2 LITERS from Acme- I purchase earlier in the week..they were supposed to be free but rang up wrong so this Momma stopped back in at Customer Service and they gave me my $2.00 back.


Anonymous said...

nice going "coupon Mom"!

Sunbasilgarden said...

Thanks Theanne!