Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bacon and Eggs from around the World

I stumbled upon this fabulous collection on flickr. Don't you just love that site. It's so easy to use and an absolute feast for your eyes. A collage collection of Eggs and Bacon from around the world. They were kind enough to include a bar of my Breakfast in a Bar soap too. Enjoy! Go get that frying pan ready and have some today.
Click on the image to make larger. Still learning how to thumb :)


Eileen said...

so cool lauren...how'd you do that?...love your new layout...awesome look...

Sunbasilgarden said...

Thanks Eileen! I owe the new look to my good friend Aimee at Mazerdesign.etsy.com. She is fantastic. Made my new banner.

Smashgirl said...

That's really cool
have you thought about sending
some of your bacon soap to
Kevin Bacon? I bet he'd love it!

littlebrownpen said...

If you like photos of breakfast, check this blog out. One of my favorites!