Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Need a new look? Look no further than Mazerdesign!

Let me tell you about one of my first Etsy friends, Mazerdesign, aka Aimee.
I first met her inside the Etsy Trade Chat room. I was immediately struck by her crisp and artistic graphic art. We traded and I have her Hazy Day at the Orchard print hanging proudly in our home.

She has designed my Etsy store banner and now my new Blog banner! Here work is so clean, whimsical and fresh.

So if you find yourself needed a new look for your shop or blog- run right over to http://mazerdesign.etsy.com/

While there check out her fabulous birdie series. They are next on my to buy list!

She is such a real artist as I just told her the colors I like and she ran with it. Did I mention, she is a super sweet person too!
Picture is copyrighted by Aimee Wheaton.

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creativeFlutter said...

You're too sweet yourself!!! Thanks for the plug!