Friday, August 15, 2008

Halloween Soap Treats for all ages

Summer is quickly coming to an end and I'm already in the mood for Halloween. I crave the coziness that Fall brings and getting back to a routinue . I have added these new Halloween soaps and they are currently available in my etsy shop. Great sugar free treats to pick up for your little ones.

Mr. Boo Ghost is layered in a glitter sky of black and purple and scented in a true to life black licorice scent. Sure to spook your guests. I'm already using one of these.

Candy Corn Loofah Soaps smell just like the real candy. And work great for getting dirty little or big feet clean.

And Pumpkin Patch Soaps fully scented in pumpkin spice and hand carved spooky little faces. Happy Halloween!


Amber Rose said...

Yummm, the candy corn soap looks delish! Love the new blog :) Nice work-keep it up!


creativeFlutter said...

Looks great girl! It's a start! If you want me to do a banner for your blog let me know!!

Anne-Marie said...

These look wonderful - and it's good to plan ahead for Halloween so you're under crunch time when the actual day gets here.

(can you believe it's almost fall??)

Wife, Mother and Soaper said...

Thanks for your visits, amberrose, Aimee and Anne Marie. Just getting to see comments!

Susan Schrock said...

These are so cute - my mother-in-law would love the candy corn soap - great work!