Friday, October 3, 2014

Mr. Boo the Soap visit The Everett Theater, in our hometown of Middletown, Delaware

It's October which can only mean one thing at Sunbasilgarden Soap, it's time for Tales of Mr. Boo the Soap Ghost! If you don't know who Mr. Boo is, well he's a bubbly little fellow made of bubble gum scented glycerin soap. I cut him and all his little clones freehand out of thin layer of soap and he just happens to be one of my all time favorite creations. I love the fact that he is freehand and each guy is just a tad different than the next. He has been in our line up since the beginning and will continue to float through every October.

Now on with today's tale.

Mr. Boo visits the Everett. 
Home of the filming of Dead Poet's Society.

Mr. Boo wants to show off our biggest landmark here in my home hometown of Middletown, DE - The Everett Theater.  So he took a little visit being sure not to get squished by the heavy traffic on Main Street today. (I personally had quite a few lookers while I photographed him being that I was practically laying on the street but anything for my Boo!)

The Everett is a historic theater still in operation today. It is most known for filming of "Dead Poet's Society" starring the late Robin Williams. The week of Robin's passing we had Tv crews and memorials in his name. The theater currently showcases local plays and still screens movies with The Gibby Arts Center next door.

That is all of Boo, until we meet again!

You can find Mr. Boo and our entire Halloween and Fall line up at our Etsy shop as well.

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