Friday, May 22, 2015

Green Pizza Fridays - How I survived all the yummy food Facebook posts and did not cave

Green Pizza Friday!

Does this sound familiar? All week, you eat well, watch the sugar intake, work out, your golden. All efforts firing in the right direction. Then Friday hits. Bam! The week is done and you do not want to chop, cook or even think about what is for dinner. The temptation to go out to dinner is strong. You scroll past yummy food posts all over Facebook and Instagram and think, what the heck, let's go out for dinner or order in. 

Well this Green Pizza has saved us many a weekend. It saves our wallet and our waistline. I'm surely not the first person to make a healthier version pizza. But here is my fast, no measure, no fooling around recipe. If it's not quick, I do not cook it. So here we go...

The Secret is to get that crust rising early. You can not start this at 5pm when your hungry. Or chances are strong you will cave and order in the real deal.

Noonish - 3pm
Mix 1 packet fast rise yeast
1 1/2 Warm to wrist water
1 glug of EVO - 2 Tablespoons
1/2 t salt

Mix with fork, add whole wheat flour, until forms dough, about 2.5 cups.
Sprinkle flour on top in bowl, Pop smaller bowl underneath with hot water in it to help dough rise.
Cover with plastic wrap and dark dish towel.

Let rise on counter till ready to bake.

When your ready to bake,
No rolling pin, just spray baking sheet and push out dough with fingers flat. Nothing fancy.
Here is where I pretty much use what I've got. Whatever veggies I have in house. It's a great way to use up what you already have in the fridge. 

Drizzle tiny amount evo on crust if you like, I tend to skip this part.

Add, low fat mozzarella, tiny dollops of skim ricotta cheese,
Then veg it up- Fresh tomatoes, colored peppers, spinach, broccoli, garlic, anything else you have on hand.
Salt and pepper, garlic salt and top with another dusting of cheese if you like.

Bake 400 degrees, about 20 min. 

Your done! 

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